Larry Davis

Jamestown, North Carolina, USA
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I've weathered the storms of seventy years including two total knee replacements and quadruple bypass surgery six weeks after the first. That experience taught me not so much to trust a complete stranger to hold my beating heart in his hand, but the more relevant trust in a creator God to be with me regardless of the outcome. I held the hand of my wife of forty years as she opened her eyes for the final time and peacefully glowed as she witnessed our heavenly Father welcoming her back into his presence. Sometimes, life seems like the ultimate board game. But, I do know that I wouldn't like the alternative of never having my soul created and I view death as the last great earthly adventure. Meanwhile, every day is a new creation prompting a thankful heart and an inquisitive mind regarding our surroundings and very existence. That prompts a life that plans for the future, learns from the past and fully embraces the present, for that is where life is played out.

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