Kristopher Jones

Grand Rapids, MI. 49503
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I have a specific fondness for line. My father was my first artistic influence. A talented draftsman by education, my dad would sketch out little notes around the house and I had a few of these sketches in my bedroom for decoration. He had a unique way of writing that I was inspired by. I believe my affection for detail and crisp line stems from my dad and his natural influence.
I had an interest in art as a child but never found a niche in my art classes. My handwriting developed into a unique expression. In high school I looked at graffiti and graphic novels as inspiration. I remember having to write all my English essays by hand, for lack of computer. A particularly crass teacher proclaimed that my writing made him vomit, as he passed out graded papers. I remember this being a significant embarrassment for me. My love for drawing grew in the dark.
Oh yeah I went to college studied Biology then Art and the earned a MFA in Drawing now I'm trying to juggle( life not chainsaws

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