Kaitlyn Stancy

St. John, IN USA
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Born in Villa Park, Illinois in 1991, Kaitlyn Stancy was raised in St. John, Indiana. A young, emerging artist, she plans on graduating from Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana as a member of the class of 2015. Stancy is pursuing a double major in Fine Arts and Computer Science.

Stancy has always enjoyed creating artwork using various media. Her most recent work consists of photography, digital design, silk screen printing, and ceramics. She enjoys exploring new techniques.

Her interest in photography has been longstanding. Feeling the constant need to document her growing collection of artwork, as well as her travels and memories, Stancy gradually progressed into a documentary photographer. After shooting a sustained photography project on the Kingsbury Ordnance Plant in 2011, Stancy published the completed work in 2012. Her most recent work delves into the conceptual, as she shoots her next photography project, entitled Media’s Influence on Priority.

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