Ross Jones

Auckland, New Zealand
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I love telling stories within my paintings. I’m drawn toward subjects that are everyday, or very special, occurrences in our lives. I prefer to convey the story by adding just enough detail to the composition that I don’t oversell the idea. I invite the viewer to complete the story – to draw their own conclusions. For example: the suitcases and boat, is it a story of arrival or departure?

I’m not interested in capturing precise scenes and certainly don’t regard myself as a painter of realism.

Before I begin painting I spend many hours developing the colour palette and I’ve finally found a family of colour that brings my work to life and I enjoy working with.

I love to distort light, stretch shadows and play with time. Light creates so much opportunity within scenes and is an important part of my paintings.

Above all else I really enjoy painting, it's great to be happy in life.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Warmest regards

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