Marco Hartz

Berlin, Germany
Acerca de

I always had a huge interest in art. It's my passion and became a part of my life! I am mainly a photographer. But I also do paintings and drawings. I don't want to compete with all the talented artists out there, so painting is just a part of my expression, when I am not on the move with my cameras.
'K'eep 'I't 'S'imple. It means not art produced without any great effort. Quiet the opposite! I spend lots of time and energy in my art. It describes the beauty of the simple things in life. Things people walk by without pay attention or without notice it. It means the beauty of moments no matter how small or big they are. I try to catch these moments and these things around us. Show you the beauty of the simple things in life. This is my expression, my gift. I want to give you the oppotunity to see the world through my eyes.