Kim Kowpak

Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN
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I grew up in small town Saskatchewan, Canada, in a home where almost EVERY meal was homemade from fresh ingredients. I was blessed with a mother and father who loved food...loved to grow it, prepare it, preserve it, and loved to share it with others.

I love to cook and love to eat and neither one is ever a chore for me. I love to prepare and share a meal with my friends and family because it gives me great joy to know that the food I've made is the best it can be. I am a big believer in eating organic, local, whole foods. In fact, in all the recipes here, I have used only organic ingredients. As well, all these recipes are white sugar and wheat flour-free.

I've been asked many times for the recipes of dishes I've prepared and I've been encouraged in the past to put all my best recipes into a book, and so, HERE IT IS!

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