Kristin Forbes-Mullane

Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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As a native of Phoenix, AZ, Kristin Forbes-Mullane grew up loving anything having to do with art. At a young age she began painting and drawing every chance she got. This love of art came from her father, who as an artist and graphic designer himself has always inspired her.

Without any formal training in art, hating high school enough to know there’d be no way she’d survive the structure and rules of college, she has managed to learn about art by studying other artists work on her own. She has found herself being drawn to anything with a dark, sad feeling.

Currently, Kristin is working for an internet company. While she loves it and hates it, it has given her time to create new works as she feels it and not in an attempt to make ends meet.

After relentless pressure from friends and family she now has her work displayed online. They’d stop talking to her if she didn’t do something…

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