Karen Keyes

Hickory, NC
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Discovering beauty looks different for each person. For me, it's been a journey through some very painful experiences and being honest with those painful experiences. I had to choose to keep looking. In the year 2000 there were a series of some unbelievable painful experiences... I was desperate to find something "good"... somewhere.
I enjoy being in the woods, up in the mountains or at the beach... My story began to unfold as I returned to my passion for Biology- Botany.. micro or macro. Discovering how God attended to every detail, in every living thing. Combining my interest for Photography and Biology... I began to document those "wow" moments as I realized they were bring me life... After the encouragement from friends, I embarked on the project of writing this book.
My husband, David, and I live in the Foothills of North Carolina with our twins, Geoffrey and Katherine and our English Springer, Cody. We have homeschooled the twins since 2001. They graduate in May!!

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