Acerca del autor

Kevin Kuster
Blurbero desde febrero de 2012
Nombre Kevin Kuster
Ubicación Downers Grove, IL USA
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Photographer, Art Director, Producer, Story Teller
Mi biografía When not performing my covert operations for the FBI, I spend my free time saving baby harp seals in the Arctic. I frolic, I weave, I connect dots, I carve soap sculptors and I am a part-time Lego artist. Although there is no known record of it, I once won the Nobel peace prize for my ground breaking and innovative designs with shelf-paper. I spotted, trapped and released Big Foot while camping on the Yukon River. I never buckle my seat belt while on a plane. I saw the real Jim Morrison perform live last week in a small hotel bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He sang, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore. I refuse to allow gravity to affect me. I fly a Pegasus to save on gas. I was employed at Playboy Magazine for 18 years and served as the Senior Photography Editor. Currently, I am a photographer at Creator Gallery in and Chief Editor at @joshjohnson.