Gary Lackey

Liverpool, TX, United States
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My name is Gary Lackey. I was born, raised, and continue to live in Texas. I specialize in outdoor photography, which is mainly a result of my hiking trips to State and National Parks. These trips allow me to enjoy the hiking experience myself, but then also to share it with others through my photos. I have traveled all across Texas to get photos of nature and have yet to even capture a small fraction of what is there.

Photography is a hobby for me. I first got into photography when I went off to college and took my mom’s old 35mm SLR and started playing with it. I really enjoyed the chance to enjoy the peace and solitude of nature and trying to capture some of that magical beauty to share with others. Eventually, the camera stopped working and I had to put off the photography for a while. After finishing my first degree getting a job, I began taking hiking vacations. I enjoyed it so much I decided to get a new digital camera so that I could share my vacations with others.

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