Kelly Curtis

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I am a very happy and curious person. I travel a lot. I like taking images that catches the spirit or mood I am experiencing in a certain place. I take a lot of reflection pictures and a lot of still lifes. I also enjoy working with people and taking portraits. I love people. I talk a lot and I use a Nikon.

I am a self-taught photographer. Born in Indiana, I grew-up and attended university in Michigan for a BA in Cultural Anthropology. Then I worked in China for some years, before moving to the United Kingdom where I completed a MA in Linguistics at Oxford University and then another MA at Sotheby's in East Asian Art. It was during my final degree that I realized how much I missed being creative myself and went into photography. So, I am a bit new to photography, but I don't mind putting myself out there. I am proud of all my steps along the way.

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