Kathleen Zimmerman

Willington, CT, USA
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Kathleen Zimmerman’s love affair with form is evident in
all her work causing one of her past professors to tell her she
drew like a sculptor. Maybe that inspired her to see beyond
using just one medium but to strive to develop her skills in
multiple materials. Her appreciation for the beauty of simple
forms along with a need to thoroughly explore issues that are
of interest to her from day-to-day life as well as more
profound ideas surrounding relationships, stages of life and
culture is what makes up the subject matter of her work. Over
time she has created her own unique visual lauguage to
communicate these ideas, which is accessible to others while
remaining intimately personal. By using symbolism and
surrealism, she found she could transform her subject matter
into archetypal images giving them a mythical quality filled
with layers of meaning.
"To create one's world in any of the arts takes courage."
Georgia O'Keeffe