Acerca del autor

Joseph C. Kenyon
Blurbero desde septiembre de 2008
Nombre Joseph C. Kenyon
Ubicación North Wales, PA, USA
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Full time Artist, painter, photographer, sculptor, sword maker & silver and goldsmith.
Mi biografía Mr. Kenyon is a full time artist - musician specializing in oil painting, sculpture, & photography. Joseph does not limit himself to any specific medium and often combines mediums to create very interesting and unique artwork. For him, art is a collection of "Treasures." His paintings are primarily oils on canvas or wood panel and have been described with words from the surreal to the sublime. Each painting reveals the soul of the subject as well as the soul of the artist. Many of Mr. Kenyon's paintings and works of art are listed & visible in the US Library of Congress. He is an accomplished metalsmith & sculpts elegant creations from precious metals and gems. Hand hammering, casting and forging silver, gold, steel & copper into lavish swords, daggers, crowns, & more, is his passion. To further enhance his metal creations, he adorns them with engravings and precious gems. Each creation becomes another personal "Treasure." His art is collected by people all over the world.

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