John Jensen

Stow, Ohio
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I was raised by my grandfather in Hartford, Connecticut. I attended Hartford State Technical College and received an Associate of Science in Mechanical Engineering. I worked throughout the U.S. as a machine design engineer and field service technician from 1983 through 2007. I have recently trained a young Engineer and retired with a feeling of sharing my knowledge with my young workmate Ben. Many of us helped Ben with his senior project and the experience was very enjoyable. I have always been a fan of art, music, painting and drawing. Recent success in business has given me the opportunity to pursue music, art and books. For my first book, I felt my grandfather was an appropriate topic because I owe my success in life to his example of a "Good Man". I do not measure up to his standards, he was born in 1909 and and is part of "The Greatest Generation", but I will keep working at it.

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