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John McGeough
Blurbero desde febrero de 2008
Nombre John McGeough
Ubicación Humble, Texas
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Youth pastor, Teacher, Youth Advocate, Education Consultant, In-Service Trainer, Writer
Mi biografía John J. McGeough has been teaching since 1974. John is the owner of an education consulting firm JM Learning Solutions. His career reflects his diverse talents. His experience as a teacher includes outstanding service at all levels from middle school to doctoral level instruction. John has taught, counseled and led literally thousands of students. His service to education has included many leadership positions from department chair responsibilities to leading major curriculum and grant projects. At the University of Houston John served as an Instructional Television Instructor in Education for the Gifted and Talented.
John served much of his career in the public schools teaching music, band and the sciences at advanced levels. He has years of experience working with gifted and talented students at all levels. During the same time he worked with students who had profound difficulty learning. John Has a strong interest in independent and leading edge eLearning paradigms.

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I am fascinated by eLearning. We are at the beginning of a new era in learning. I strongly believe that the solutions to the problems we see today in education at all levels can be found in the virtual worlds of the internet. We are living in a time when most of our information comes to us electronically. At the same time we are asking learners at all levels to work much the same way they worked in the middle of the last century. The next book will be about the new era dawning in education.