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When the notion to create books of my blog first came to mind, I set out to find someone to make the books for me. I backed out of the contract when the bookmaker that I had enlisted stated that he takes a one-layout-fits-all approach to books. So many of my blog posts are photo heavy or rely on photos to tell the story, so that one-layout-fits-all approach would have changed my writing entirely.

Still determined to turn my posts into pages in a book, I decided to learn how to use the software. I floored myself completely: In addition to teaching myself how to use the software, I discovered a whole 'nother part of my mind that I had no idea I had the ability to use.

Making books taps a different sort of creativity and persnicketiness that satisfies my need for precision. Time passes without my realizing it. I get a fire in my eye when I design a page just so. I fall asleep more easily at night, knowing that my stories are preserved, in ink and on paper.

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