James Farley

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As a child, I was no different from other children and I liked to look at the light. They told me not to, because it may hurt my eyes... but I saw many of my peers were attracted to light just as much and we all used to stare at the mid-day sun and mid-night stars together... a little at a time, because indeed, it hurt to look at them for too long...

Now, that I grew up, I still like to look up and behold all the light that is there... but with sadness I noticed that many of my peers, look at it no more... they're attracted to darkness because the darkness doesn't hurt their eyes....

I must be so used to light, that I don't notice any side effects and the light hurts me no more. Likewise, they say 'the truth hurts' and I think the truth would hurt no one if all were used to speaking the truth and there was no deceit.

Photographs are the lasting evidence of truth we once had an opportunity to experience.

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