Joshua Martens

Brooklyn, NY, USA
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Since childhood Joshua Martens has been attracted to art. From drawing birds as a young boy, to looking forward to art class in high school, he has been expressing himself through painting and mixed media. Since high school, he’s been stretching and painting his own canvases and experimenting with abstract forms, color, direction and composition.

After high school in Montana, where he was born and raised, Joshua ventured off to Seattle to study graphic design and fine art at the Art Institute of Seattle.

He then moved to San Francisco and ran a small graphic design studio. He now lives in Brooklyn, New York and finds his true passion in creating fine art. His work is heavily influenced by his graphic design training and the blend of graphics and fine art make his pieces visually refreshing and unique.

Martens' work can be found all around the world, from most countries in Europe to South America and Asia. He has acquired a loyal following of collectors.

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