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Pomonal Publishing
Blurbero desde enero de 2008
Nombre Pomonal Publishing
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Ubicación Australia
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Mi biografía Pomonal Publishing is a not for profit independent publishing venture initiated by J. Marie Nicholls in 2011 to enable writers to maintain creative control over their books. Our focus is quality projects that do not meet the criteria of mainstream publishing houses.

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Unfortunately Blurb shows the publisher's user name on this site as being the author of all the works uploaded here. Please note that the author of each book is listed under the title of that book and is NOT as implied, jane_marie.
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'Sleeping Gods' (limited edition) is available here on Blurb only to readers in Aust, the UK and Commonwealth counties excluding Canada, due to the fact that we only have a licencing agreements for these countries. You will need to obtain the link directly from us via