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Jack Kolinski
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Nombre Jack Kolinski
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Ubicación The Villages, Florida, USA
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Retired Attorney
Mi biografía The best way to learn "who I am" is to read my self-published memoir, Baker's Dozen. "TMI!" I agree. Short of that I am a retired civil trial attorney; the seventh of thirteen children raised in a "good Catholic" family; a proud husband and father of four beautiful daughters, six gorgeous grandchildren (with number seven on the way as this is being written); author of The Bible (According to Jack) Part I The Old Testament and Part II The New Testament, sincere, humorous and long overdue re-writes of the bible (see excerpts at; and a dedicated atheist who refuses to accept another hundred years of superstition and ignorance masquerading as religion and "faith." How To Cure Religion (With No Adverse Side Effects) is my gift to humanity, my effort to "pay forward" all of the goodness, love, education and knowledge bestowed on me by my parents, siblings, friends, daughters and freethinkers dating back to Epicurus and extending through Robert Ingersoll and Carl Sagan. Enjoy!

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Working at a bowling alley! Pretty exciting, huh? Can you see its obvious connection to my previous books? No? I guess you'll just have to wait for it and read it.
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Robert Green Ingersoll, greatest free thinker/atheist of the Nineteenth Century. You can read virtually everything he wrote at
Joseph McCabe, former Franciscan friar and exposer of the outrageous whitewash with which the RCC attempts to paint over its sordid, repressive, contemptible history.