ivan gonzalez

London, UK
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I am a photographer and a freelance videographer based in London, UK.

I am a professional photographer trained in Photojournalism with 10 years’ experience of managing international media teams. Strong technical standards developed in news agencies (e.g. AP and EFE) are combined with a flair for portraying reality without posture or affectation. Currently seeking to produce human-interest stories, depicting the reality of my subjects and being part of their lives for at least short periods of time

I've been working since 1998, collaborating with Associated Press (AP) and Spanish agency EFE news service, among other magazines and websites.

I work currently as a freelance for many organisations in Uk like Sistema England, Arts Canteen and Tedxsquaremile.

I like use my iPhone to produce images at my Instagram account, as well.

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