Irum Naqvi

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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A yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance, and Director Center for Natural Living at Rancho Margot, Costa Rica.

I share how I live.
My philosophy is," the deeper we go, the lighter we become."

I have been practicing yoga for 25 years. A practice which focuses on using breath awareness; personal or in guiding students into a deeper physical and emotional space.

Combining effort with ease, play and contemplation, the yoga sessions bring transformation that leaves one energized, confident and ready to follow the inner calling. On and off the mat, I encourage everyone to explore their inner being, discover the true self and unlock layers of conditionings and Samskaras (deep-seated impressions that guide our actions).

My quest to understand life’s purpose led me from motherhood to corporate life. Through yoga, meditation and reiki I found my anchor and my freedom.

Find me at or in person in Toronto, or in the rainforest of Costa Rica.
Pura Vida!

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