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My first book I wrote is called THE TEARS YOU DIDN'T SEE. It is about 130 pages of poems and art that I drew go check it out it It is volume 1 and soon to come will be vol.2
*************************Okay this is my next book the title is still undecided but it is a book of poetry I am writing this one to raise awareness of abuse and to continue to let my voice be heard. This next volume of poetry is more optimistic then my first book I hope to keep that theme but we will see when it it finished
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Michael Connelly is my all time favorite writer . He is brilliant and I love all his books, but most of all you MUST read THE POET it is the greatest writing of all time! well at least I think so.
Also I love Kurt Vonnegut he is a witty and awesome old man!. I am so sad he has passed but at least he will forever live through his book's.
Este libro es adictivo. Léalo (bajo su propia responsabilidad).
Probably THE POET I've read it 13 times, I promise you that is true! It is great from the beginning to the very end. If you read this you must read THE NARROWS right after, no I am not getting payed to advertise for Michael Connelly. . . . LOL