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Netherlands, Haarlem
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My photography is characterized by the fascinating way in how form and colour are influenced by the ever altering light. It is my main motive to catch just that image.

There is no difference in the process, whether it is about landscape or an object in space, I am always looking for the surprising stillness in which tranquillity and abstraction are returning elements.

By constantly abstracting and minimising my observations I try to reduce the image back to its bare essence. This is my objective. Nothing more and nothing less.

In my opinion personal engrossment in the theme - be it in a literally or figurative way - will result in a better image. This documentarily approach - in combination with a conceptual point of view - is the foundation of my vision on photography. The choice of themes is mostly from a social-welfare engagement with: spatial planning, architecture, infrastructure, nature and the urban environment as the main discipline.

Áreas de especialización

Landscape & Location, Architecture, Nature, Industry, Infrastructure, Sustainability, Cradle 2 Cradle and Urban Environment.

Afiliaciones profesionales

'I See For You' architecture, industry, landscapes, nature, sustainablilty, locations, urban environment, cradle 2 cradle and many other objects and subjects, just to translate it to images which represents your ideas and goals. Of course it is an interpertation and therefore the signature that makes the images one of a kind. 'I See For You' stands behind a conceptual approach to think, to analyse in depth and visualise whatever needs to be visualised.
It is the motto: Your Vision is My Mission

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