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Francesca {Fran} Rubidoux
Blurbero desde diciembre de 2011
Nombre Francesca {Fran} Rubidoux
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Ubicación New Mexico, USA
Sexo Femenino
Mi ocupación Mother, CEO, Author, Software Specialist
Mi biografía In an effort to make strides against bullying, this book reminds and or teaches our children the importance of a strong sense of self. The book provides subtle yet profound ways to incorporate the power of "I Am", and this, I believe, can make a true difference. When you have children who are taught to have self-confidence and taught to know we are all connected, we then are able to 'live' love and treat each other as such, and thus have a great impact on bullying. We are masterpieces – share the message.

The eldest of four girls, I grew up in Northern New Mexico in a beautiful Valley. I am a mother to the most beautiful little people in the whole world and since then I have taken a different light to the world and how I view it. I dabble into many creative avenues, writing, however, is my passion. I am currently working on a four year long project, my first release, “I Am, You Are. I Am, We Are”, was inspired by my children.

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