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Henri Blommers
Blurbero desde abril de 2010
Nombre Henri Blommers
Mi sitio web
Ubicación Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Photographer
Mi biografía Through photography I create a new world, a world of fantasy but at the same time a world of reality. The contrast in my work lies in my esthethics and the roughness at the same time by mixing portraits with landscapes for example. A constant theme in my work is identity and how it is formed, how it is enhanced or softened by whatever factor that may influence it

Cosas que no me importa que sepan todos

Alerta del narrador ansioso: creo que mi próximo libro será sobre...
In a world with ongoing globalisation, financial crises and more violence against GLB, a growing group of people want to express and stand for their identity and no longer hide themselves from the world: Drag Revolution
Todos necesitan saber acerca de estos autores y artistas...
Michael Schmidt, Dan Graham, Juergen Teller, Wolfgang Tillmans, Terry Richardson, Ryan McGinley, Stephen Shore, Lee Frielander, Fischli & Weiss, Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinud Mathadin, Fischli & Weiss
Este libro es adictivo. Léalo (bajo su propia responsabilidad).
This book is an image essay and experiment on how we as humans associate images, how are images arranged, what if chaos and control come together and clash, does it bring new harmony?