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Images For Life is using photography to spotlight some effective and inspiring organizations from around the world. These NGO's (Nongovernmental Organizations) and Non-Profits are making a difference in their community, country, and our world.

At Images For Life, the photos we take are given to the organizations free of charge for the purposes of bringing awareness, showing transformation, and documenting changes that have taken place through their service.

Giving the photos to the organizations allows them to use them as they wish without cost or copyright issues. They are free for their use in brochures, websites, presentations, and raising awareness to the dilemmas they are trying to eradicate. The organizations can also use them for fundraising campaigns and events to generate funds to support their work.

We believe that photos can create change. They can move us to feel, to give, and join with those who struggle. They can also help us embrace the beauty of life.

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