Helene Deroubaix

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My name is Hélène Deroubaix and I consider myself a poet.

My work breathes and lives poetry in depth.

I'm creating visual poetry with several cameras, for now I have a compact sony cybershot DSC-W1, a polaroid and a brand new nikon D80.

I am mostly working on self-portraiture not as a matter of ego or mere narcissism but as a way to express my different personas or create characters out of me to tell stories, to share emotions and reach others who can relate and feel understood in my work.

I often love to work inspired by music, text, quotes and I also love to merge different kind of art together to feel whole.

I also write poems inspired by the pictures and they are like body + soul or twin flames that cannot be severed: the words and images make love together to generate all this poetry of emotions.

I am a piscean artist, I indulge in dreams and passions and my work is made of my soul dichotomy which can also be osmosis. Each of my sides balancing one another, each of my char

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