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Heather Peters
Blurbero desde septiembre de 2007
Nombre de la empresa Heather Peters
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Ubicación Franklin, TN
Acerca de mi empresa I have loved visual design ever since I was a child and could grasp a crayon in my hand. Each Christmas, I was given something more to fuel my creative cravings – an easel and canvas, a pottery wheel, sketch pads and pastels, watercolors – you name it.

The phrase “starving artist” threatened to convince me that I could never make a decent living pursuing my art passion, but I couldn’t picture doing something with my life that I didn’t love. It was during my senior year in high school that I found an “at home” feeling with creating art for a living, combined with my ever growing love of technology. I had found one of my fulfillments in life. Like a puzzle piece, I had found a “fit”.

A couple of colleges, a BFA in Visual Communications, a husband, several address changes, and two cats later, I am grateful for where He has directed my life and where He has landed me for now. I have been a freelance graphic designer since 2006 and hope to grow ever more in my skills. I love Nashville/Fra
Áreas de especialización Graphic design, print design, illustration, web graphics design, coffee table album design
Afiliaciones profesionales BFA in Visual Communications with a Concentration in Digital Design

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Yard sales. Yes, believe it or not, a book needs to be written about how to conduct a good yard sale and the do's and don'ts of conducting such a business. Stay tuned for this upcoming best-seller!
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"Flashbang: How I Got Over Myself" by Mark Steele. I think we all need a reminder that this world is a lot bigger than ourselves and it would behoove us to live to serve other people around us. It always makes me happier at least. = )