Hal Norman Krogstad

Matawan NJ 07747
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I began my odyssey through the zones of focus more than thirty years ago. For most of that time my equipment was medium format camera systems. My work was primarily in B&W, with some forays into color. As digital technology evolved it became apparent that was the way to go. I went kicking and screaming into digital via the image processing route first. Finally the digital camera demonstrated it's capacity to provide a truly fine and viable image. With that the metamorphosis was complete.

I deal with a wide range of subject matter in the form of, literally, people, places, and things. This approach has reduced itself to about a dozen portfolios I update on a random basis determined by subject matter of interest at any given time.

I like to think that this approach avoids the problem of being 'pigeon-holed' down the path of a single subject matter venue.

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