C.C. Trubiak

Ottawa, ON, Canada
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cc trubiak was born and raised in the Prairie province of Manitoba. Surrounded by an extensive tract of land covered in rocks and course grass, he had a penchant for being alone and making inanimate objects like a broom, into his most trusted friends. His bedroom was a sanctuary from the bitter cold winters and town locals. Alone in his room cc immersed himself in photography, music, film and book, often finding escape in the world beyond his little town.

Today, cc trubiak is an artist living in Ottawa, with a social work background in suicide prevention with Aboriginal youth. cc believes that the arts have not only helped him cope throughout his adolescence, but that they continue to even today. He also believes that the arts have the potential of healing and helping others stay alive too. His objective, through his art and his social work practice, is to help people realize their inner artist.

Check out cc's website : www.cctrubiak.com for further information on his work.

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