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Morral, Ohio
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Tim and Mary McKnight are a husband and wife team who has created custom guitars in north central Ohio since 1992. Customers enjoy the experience of purchasing and designing their guitars as they become a part of the McKnight guitar family.

Tim is known as the hermit who must stay busy on his project while Mary handles the customer service of photographing the custom build process and reports to the customer through emails that \often include many pictures and occasional phone calls so the customer stays in the know of details.

Woods from all over the world have made way to their shop. An annual private event called the McJam is a great way to meet the McKnight and to meet people who have trusted the McKnight team to build their guitars.

Visitors must make personal appointments by email ( or call 740-223-6114 when desiring a visit to the McKnight shop. You can find more details at

Áreas de especialización

Tim, an engineer by trade, studied bracing details under the watchful eye of Ervin Sompgyi while Mary has a God given talent to design the aesthetic of McKnight guitars.

Afiliaciones profesionales

Member of

GAL (Guild of American Luthiers)
ASIA (Association of Stringed Instruments Artisans)

Displayed guitars at:
Heladsburg Guitar Festival (LMII - Luthiers Merchantile Internation Inc)
NAMM - (National Assoc Music Merchants)

South Florida Guitar Festival (Henry Lowenstein)

Memphis Guitar Festival (Bob Singer)

Montreal Jazz -Guitar festival (Jacque Andre' Dupont)

Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration

McKnight guitars have been sold in stores in USA, UK and Japan

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