Paul Panton

London UK
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Paul Panton, born in London, Kennington to Christian parents, Paul has always enjoyed reading books. From the age of 10, Paul has always had a good taste in a variety of books, and could be seen reading to other children in class while attending Santley primary school in the upbeat and influential town of Brixton London.

Paul has now written his first book, a collection of 39 poems which explore aspects of life which are often over looked.

A specific set of poetical insights to help individuals and groups better understand biblical principles for eternal life, that streams through every facet of God's masterpiece which is creation.

Could this be the time to re-evaluate the steps in your life ?

In depth and thought provoking, and with the inclusion of 2 young poets his youngest daughter and niece, this work should also appeal to, and help the younger generation.

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