Captain Gene Jurrens

Punta Gorda, Florida, USA
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Hey! Ex-Coast Guard, ex-advertising executive, ex-IBM executive, ex-sky diver, ex-scuba diver (clearly can't keep a job). I just love life, wife, sea kayaking, golfing, wife, Morse code, guitar, wife, photography and writing, not necessarily in that order! This life is too darn short to do stuff that isn't at or near the top of my daily passion list. My bucket list includes playing a non-obnoxious guitar, breaking a score of ninety on the links and bomb-proofing my eskimo roll . I like gadgets. That fits well with my attention deficit syndrome since I move on before a gadget becomes obsolete. Married forty years, got the kids, grandkids, the T-shirt and the male pattern baldness to prove it. Proud to be a licensed US Coast Guard captain with forty years of boating experience. Movin' on... c'mon along!

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