ORA studio Inc.

New York City
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To enter a space designed by Giusi Mastro is to experience the pleasure of being alive in a unique, personalized environment. As principal of ORA studio (the New York company she founded in 2001), and with a degree in architecture from the University of Florence, Italy, Mastro has perfected the art of combining color, shape, light and texture into ideal spaces customized for each client.
ORA studio's mission is to challenge the boundaries of design in architecture. ORA studio specializes in contemporary high-end interiors, space planning, lighting design, and product design for both residential and commercial projects. A design-driven practice and full-service studio, ORA’s work is defined by attention to detail from planning to completion, ensuring construction results through close site supervision.

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Ora studio's projects reflect a vital creative process: the synergy of client, designer, challenges, and solutions. Each tells its own distinctive story. Moving easily between periods and styles, Mastro’s inspired designs for living, working, and hospitality, are supported by planning skills and meticulous site supervision that consistently produce the results her clients dream of.

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