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Gina Soden Photography
Blurbero desde julio de 2008
Nombre de la empresa Gina Soden Photography
Sitio web de la empresa
Ubicación Berkshire
Número de teléfono de la empresa 07917060990
Acerca de mi empresa I have a varied portfolio ranging from photographing beautiful weddings, to funky portraits on location and families in the studio. I also work with models and dancers to help get them noticed with professional portfolios. Working with local businesses around Berkshire is important to me for the community; I photograph properties and products for showcasing on websites and in store. I also work all around the south of the UK, and nationally if required.

In recent years I have begun to develop a fine art career in the field of ‘urban exploring’. I have photographed a large range of sites, breathing life into the neglected and finding beauty in decay. In a fast moving world of high gloss photo shopped perfection, my work offers room to reflect on more romantic notions of beauty. It features derelict asylums, long since closed schools, ex-military compounds and famous city power stations.
Áreas de especialización Portraiture
Architectural Photography
Afiliaciones profesionales Cat Street Gallery exhibition
Practical Photography Photographer of the Year 2011 Shortlisted
100 Artists for Pride Exhibition
Windsor Photographic Society Print of the Year
Windsor Photographic Society Exhibition 2010 and 2011

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