Eyal Geiger

South Melbourne, Australia
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Eyal Geiger was born in 1971 in Melbourne, Australia. His love for photography began 15 years later when on a warm November evening in Greece, he snapped a sunset photo that has remained one of his favourite shots until today. The tools of the trade back then was a simple Canon AF35.

Things have changed a lot in photography since those days, however the concept remains the same. Select a shutter speed and the amount of light allowed to flow through the camera according to the amount of light available. However, as Eyal will always say, even the best Hassleblad camera won't create the scene for you. The sign of the very best photographers is in their composition. A scene that they create will capture your eye without you even thinking about it. Great inspiration has been taken from Ken Duncan and Peter Lik.

His tools today include a Sony Cybershot, a Nikon D90, a Holga Medium Format Pin-Hole (purely for fun), and a Pentax 645 Medium Format, as well as a host of lenses and filters

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