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Gian Carlo Photography
Blurbero desde febrero de 2013
Nombre de la empresa Gian Carlo Photography
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Ubicación Winter Garden, Fl
Número de teléfono de la empresa 407 312 7932
Acerca de mi empresa MY VISION… My vision is simple; I want to tell a wedding day story made of emotions, connections, old friendships and new beginnings. This is not necessarily a story of flowers bought or cake eaten but its rather a story that connects everyone involved, a story of family and love.
I love working with couples that take time away from the chaos of the day. Couples who enjoy one another more than anything, who can be playful and who are willing to experiment and work together to create art.
In order to produce great images I need most of all the time and trust. Time alone and with my couples to be creative. Trust in my vision for how your story could be told. Restrictions with time, shot list will not render images as compelling as one would come to expect from me. With this simple formula we can not fail. I will be there to help, I will be a friend and I will give plenty of room to enjoy the day.
Áreas de especialización Weddings, engagements, Lifestyle, Story telling, creative
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