Acerca del autor

Toni Malle
Blurbero desde febrero de 2013
Nombre Toni Malle
Ubicación USA
Sexo Femenino
Mi biografía Toni T Malle is a poetry writer from an early age and a computer graphic artist when the PC was invented. At that time she made graphics and animations for cell phones that were distributed world wide to cell phone carries by Versaly Entertainment under her company named Studio 7 Imaging.

Most all of the poems she writes are about a life situation that made an impression on her. Sometimes good or bad, she looks out into the world and writes about the triumphs, tragedies or injustices that we all see.

Like a painter uses a brush to paint a picture she uses words to make the same impression as deeply as the life events and people who inspired the poems. She doesn't say what a poem means to her and would rather leave them open to interpretation by the reader.