Heidi Kirkpatrick

Portland, Oregon, USA
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Heidi Kirkpatrick is an artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. Using photographs to transform found objects into playful and seductive sculptures, she fuses transparent figurative and family portraits with children’s toy blocks, games and collectible souvenirs, creating a playful tension between imagery and object. Her work breathes new life into these found objects, yet they leave hints of the past in their lovingly worn appearances; the flecks of paint missing, and the soft corners worn down by tiny fingers and tumbling towers. These works depart from the formality of a frame as they are arranged on a table top or a shelf, often stacked or placed side by side to reveal narratives of family snapshots or the complexities of the feminine allure. In combination, Heidi gives us a chance to visit these earlier playful times while drawing on memories, contemporary issues, and visual formality.

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