Evan Anderman Photography

Denver, Colorado
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Evan Anderman is a social-landscape photographer based in his hometown of Denver, Colorado who shoots mostly from his airplane. In his youth Anderman spent a great deal of time in the mountains and plains of Colorado and the Western United States. This love of the land eventually led Anderman to pursue the earth sciences as a career and he obtained several degrees in Geological Engineering. After working nearly two decades in the field, Anderman took his love for the landscape and pursued his passion for photography to become a full-time artist in 2005.

Anderman is especially attracted to less-traveled, and often barren, areas such as Eastern Colorado, the high deserts and forests of the Western United States, Antarctica, Iceland and the Arctic. He finds peace in the solitude that these places offer, and is empowered to rise to the challenge of portraying these landscapes with optimism.

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