Erik Hagen

The Hague, South Holland, The Netherlands
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My name is Erik Robert Hagen (1967). I majored in art history at Carleton College in Minnesota, United States (class of '90). I have always been captivated by the visual, even as a little kid. For 15 years I studied and worked as an engineer, while making art on the side. In 2008, I started working as an artist, doing engineering on the side. I have exhibited in shows at Carleton College, in galleries in Seattle, The Hague, Voorschoten, and in Antwerp. I currently live in The Hague.

I am a sculptor, painter, drawer, and photographer. Over the last two years I've focused on the portrait. It's not just that I love working with people: I find it fascinating to explore identity and character through portraiture. I work most often from live models using charcoal on paper, but lately I've been exploring the notion of beauty through my photography work with volunteer women models.

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