denise fellice

boca raton, florida
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Author/Artist, Denise Felice, holds a Bachelors of Fine Art in Graphic Design & Photography, with a Palm Beach County Film & Television Commission internship. Her awards include Art Serve’s Star Award and Barnes & Nobel’s National Grand Prize Winner for her work on social voice, and has carried her commitment of child abuse prevention, anti-bullying campaigns, and suicide prevention programs to Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Denise is also a registered nurse and past Director of Health Services at Lynn University. Her 2011 book, I Will Not/ Disassociation in Urban Communities, was adapted into film version in 2012. She is the curriculum creator of PBPC’s Picture My World Program and the Creative Director for Boca Raton’s Promise FRiENDS. With Palm Beach Photographic since 1997, she has worked with leaders such as Phil Borges, Arnold Newman, Leonard Nimoy, & Richard Zakia and leads Museum Curation for exhibiting artists including Antonio Bolfo, Ann Curry, & Bill Eppridge.

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