Dr. Woohoo!

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
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Dr. Woohoo is a New Mexico based artist who is programming a path from code back to the natural world. To create his art he combines the intelligence of algorithms, the creative expressiveness of organic media with behaviors found in natural systems.

Transforming ideas-to-pixels-to-atoms, Woohoo sculpts the strings of code from an abstract artistic vision into color, painting and sculpting applications to generate his contemporary and sophisticated artwork into prints, videos, installations, glass, ceramic and metal sculptures.

Woohoo’s art plays with the extremes of formlessness and structure. In this book, Woohoo explores ornate but highly structured geometric circles. They have a glass-like component as well, but are flat, like stained glass. The effect ranges from subdued, dense, and composed to the ‘60s pop culture color explosions reminiscent Peter Max.

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