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My interest in photography began at the encouragement of my father when I was about 10. He said, "Go take some pictures" with his Argus viewfinder camera. I'll never forget his words when we looked at the slides together, "Wow, David, you have a great eye!" Soon after, he bought my first camera for Christmas, a Mamiya Sekor 500TL. From there, I learned everything I could from books and magazines; I'll never forget how excited I was to start my first photography course in high school. Dad continued to encourage with a Durst M300 enlarger. I begged and borrowed to outfit my darkroom, BW of course!

I am fascinated with close-up photography and the work of Ansel Adams. I spent many a summer in Yosemite admiring his photographic vistas. I also love the work of Edward Holland.

Photography is about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO for exposure, but most of all composition. However, today’s "digital darkroom" also fascinates me no end and and would make Ansel Adams drool.

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