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Chris Mentillo, Ph.D., AKA, "Doc Mentillo," is an American best-selling writer, award winning screen-writer television & movie producer, minister, & record label founder. He is best known for his spiritual and paranormal writings, (particularly memoirs and autobiographical sketches, along with screen-writings which he has documented, involving his own encounters and experiences), as well as his many entrepreneur and business ventures.

In addition, Doc is currently the host and producer of his own "radio talk show," The Chris Mentillo Show.™ "The Chris Mentillo Show" (Chris Mentillo Productions, 2009 syndication) talks about spiritual, paranormal, miracle healing, and many other self-help type issues; including entertainment.

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As an ordained minister and success coach, Dr. Mentillo currently sits on the Board of Directors for a non-profit 501(c)3 organization called, The Chapel of Light Ministries, Inc. As a result of his ministry work, Chris Mentillo has received several honorary doctorate degrees, including an earned doctorate degree in Alternative Medicine, and Divinity.

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"The Chapel of Light Ministries, Inc."

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