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Mi biografía I'm a board-certified family physician who left the arena of medicine in 2003, when an autoimmune illness damaged my eyes. Since then, I have once again taken up a pen, a guitar, and a penchant for maintaining my own health--but it's slow going. A couple of open-water swims each year, daily practice in writing and music, and a modicum of patience are all that I need...
...except for my lady, Tonya, without whom all would be lost.
Although being visually impaired has obvious disadvantages, it also allows one to appreciate the world in different ways: when you can't see well, you sometimes aren't as easily fooled by appearances.

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Alerta del narrador ansioso: creo que mi próximo libro será sobre...
Already workin' on it: gotta get those journal entries organized and present them in a way that non-medical people can sense what it's like to wander through the wilderness of American medicine for twenty years.
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Ed Abbey, unappreciated anarchist, defender of this home we call Earth--especially that rare and threatened gem, the American desert--and advocate of unbridled, crystalline humanity