Deanna Gualtieri

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When I came across my first orphaned baby raccoon I was hooked on these charming creatures. I became a certified wildlife rehabilitator and decided to specialize in orphaned raccoons. Since then my rehab efforts have grown to encompass more than just raccoons and I have gained several wonderful friends that have also become certified rehabbers. Together we work as a coalition taking in the injured and orphaned wildlife brought to our doors, or by finding a place for those we cannot take. Some of the gang are released at the back of my property and I continue to have visits with them. Others are released at appropriate sites and eventually fade into the forests after regaining their new found freedom....but not before leaving their story behind for all to enjoy and learn from! So enjoy the Meerkat Manor - like soap opera as well as the many pics I take of the kids as you learn about the world of Wildllife Rehabilitation!

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