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David Lenhert
Blurbero desde julio de 2010
Nombre David Lenhert
Mi sitio web
Ubicación Escondido, CA USA
Sexo Masculino
Mi ocupación Photographer
Mi biografía Several years ago, following a 23 year career as a software engineer, I decided to focus my attention on my love for photography. Presently, I work as a commercial photographer shooting architecture, home interiors, fashion accessories, jewelry, and other products for a variety of businesses.

For me, photography is about the art of seeing. It is more than just a medium for documenting the world around me. Photography is an art form which allows me to share my perspective of the indescribable scenery and events I bear witness to. My aspiration as a photographer is to capture those fleeting moments of unique character and beauty; exposing it for all of its intricacy, power, imperfection or serenity. Whether it’s a record of the natural world, people in various activities or creatures in their native habitats, I seek to record images that evoke a shared emotional response in the viewer.

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