David R. Jarczyk

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The Journey Begins…
In school I noticed I was good with numbers. This talent (which I would quickly give up for a great rock n’ roll voice) led me to a career in consulting. I quickly realized that the job was not very glamorous. I was faced with long hours, unforgiving deadlines, and many demands from many clients. Then I learned that all this hard work would be done in some of the most amazing places. Rather than getting stuck in offices around the world, I devised a plan to let my job allow me to see the world. I realized that the most important part of my job was to complete the work. It doesn’t matter how, when, or where. So, I began working my butt off on planes, late at night, and on weekends to buy myself some spare time on my business trips. This allows me to enjoy all the places I visit. Where does the life of a consultant take me next? This is something I usually don’t know until I’m on my way. But I’ve decided to take you with me on this amazing journey - enjoy the world!

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